Monday –
Finish Meet Me in St. Louis

Tuesday –
North By Northwest (136) DVD

Finish North By Northwest



Monday – (Musicals)

Tuesday –
Alfred Hitchcock Shorts 

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

Thursday – 

Singing In the Rain (143)




Syllabus: film-appreciation-syllabus
Permission Forms: All films rated PG-13 and lower
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Fred Ott’s Sneeze (Edison kinetoscopic record of a sneeze, January 7, 1894)

Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat (1897)

L’Arroseur arose’

The Whole Dam Family And Dam Dog (1905)

Black Diamond Express (1896)

The Great Train Robbery – (Directed by Edwin S. Porter. 11 min. Thomas A. Edison, Inc., 1903.) – Watch


A Beast at Bay – (Directed by D. W. Griffith. 14 min. 1912.)  – Watch

Lonely Villa – (Directed by D. W. Griffith. 7 min. 1909.) Watch

The Musketeers of Pig Alley – (Directed by D. W. Griffith. 17 min. 1912.) – Watch

Cops (Directed by Buster Keaton. 18 min. First National Pictures, Inc., 1922.) – Watch
Cops HD

The General

Weekly Critique-In provided notebook (Leave in class)

PLEASE WATCH – A Good primer on writing a critique.

The essentials of a good movie review should comprise of the following
(From helpwithassignment.com)

The first essential and obvious step is to watch the movie. Sometimes some movies have to be watched a number of times in order to fully understand them. While watching a movie one should take down notes of the important scenes, conversations from the movie. This is an essential step as there is a chance that one might forget about an important scene from the movie.

Give the name, the director, the lead actors and the genre details of the movie. The skill of the director in handling the movie, the acting skills displayed by the lead actors in the movie and their prior works and achievements has to be mentioned.

In order that a good review should come out try giving your personal opinion about the movie as well. This will make your essay unique. Giving personal opinions about movies or books is always welcome, but do not forget that if personal opinions are to be avoided, avoid them.

Mention some details about the plot of the movie. Briefly describe about how the movie begins, how the movie takes off, how the pace of the movie is and how it ends. Just be brief and do not try getting into too many details. Just two paragraphs will suffice.

Mention about the technical aspects of the movie like the visual design, special effects, the screenplay, the camera work, the lighting, etc. If the movie is based on real story then mention how accurate the movie is chronologically regarding the events.

Try and compare the movie with similar movies. There will be a greater chance of critical evaluation once the movie is compared with similar movies.

The last step is editing and proof reading what you have written. Editing and proof reading is important as there is always a scope for improvement.